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Time is our constant companion but even the most extravagant watch needs a reliable movement to keep it in regular motion and Switzerland has earned itself an enviable reputation as a manufacturer of the finest watch movements.

All FUBU watches feature a Ronda Swiss Movement (Learn more) ranging from the elegant an sporty timepieces, to stylish fashion accessories to luxurious models.


Every project is born with an idea. A combination of perspectives that can arise from different sources of inspiration and at any time. In the FUBU watches company, we have always taken care of shaping these ideas until they become a tangible reality.

The combination of the skills of our designers and engineers together with the quality of our products provide us with the necessary capabilities to produce original and innovative parts.


The desire for innovation of our team, which leads us to invest day by day in the development of new materials and cutting-edge technology, maintaining strict quality controls.

This has allowed us to produce unique and innovative watches, distinguished by their exclusivity while maintaining a high level of excellence and without forgetting such important values as: independence, quality, perfection, emotion, aesthetics and distinction.